Helping and healing for over 30 years.


Compounding & Consulting Herbalists - 30 years in Canada.

Faunus Herbs grows and processes herbs to comply with the strict rules and inspections of Organic Certification.

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We are located in Cannington,

Ontario, Canada.

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About Faunus Herbs

Faunus Herbs Inc., is a company with a commitment to providing the best in natural handcrafted health and cosmetic

products, that are comparable in quality and freshness to the best available in the world today Our products are unique in that we use freshly picked living flowers and herbs, processed and compounded using Hermetic principles. Many of the herbs that we use are organically grown, on our own farm in Central Ontario, without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Some of our herbs are gathered from the wild and all are prepared and processed within hours of being picked. Our Hermetic low heat fermentation and extraction method, (which utilizes sunlight as a part of the curing and preserving process), ensures the survival of plant enzymes and other delicate ingredients, which are often destroyed by more usual extraction methods. (For example, Pasteurization, distillation or percolation). These fresh flowers and herbs, their essences, nectars and scents are then concentrated within inert and sealed amber glass. They may be used safely by the most sensitive individuals and are suitable for use by vegetarians. They contain no ingredients of non-vegetable origin.

Faunus Herbs is a highly regulated and inspected farm. We are inspected and regulated every year by Health Canada, we are inspected every year by ECOCERT for Organic Certification and we are regulated by the FDA in the U.S. Overall there are almost 100 pieces of documentation for every product we grow and produce on the farm.

Organically grown and ethically wild-crafted plants are never treated with chemical pesticides or artificial fertilizers. Consequently fundamental natural healing energies are maintained at their highest levels.

Organic farming and processing of herbs helps preserve the environment for future generations; soil and water are not contaminated, and the soil is carefully, naturally enriched.

Faunus Herbs is a real family farm, as opposed to a huge corporation or agribusiness operation that relies on monocultures, chemicals, and polluting heavy machinery. Our staff are paid decent wages and have excellent working conditions. Some of our staff have been with us for decades. Our daughter designed our website and labels and packaging. The flowers and herbs in the pictures are from our farm, and yes… the people in the pictures are us! All of our marketing materials, websites, formulas and products are produced on the farm in rural Ontario, Canada and are important for the economic, social, and ecological health of our rural community. When you buy Faunus products, you are supporting a family farm business.

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Nick Faunus President and Founder

Helping and healing for over 30 years.