What We Offer

Faunus Herbs is a contract manufacturer offering the highest quality herbal tinctures, capsules, glycerites, oils and ointments. Most of our products are made for leaders in the herbal supplement industry exclusively for professional use.

Our family farm and facility is regulated by Health Canada and holds an official Site License. Faunus Herbs has also passed on site inspection by the U.S FDA. We have been certified organic and regularly inspected for over 35 years.

Our specialty is formulating custom blends ranging from relatively small batches to large batches of over ten thousand units. Faunus is able to produce, bottle and label your custom products here, on site.

If you are interested in our services, please contact us by phone or email for more details and information. We would be happy to discuss your product line and answer any questions you may have about starting this process!

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