Field Sunset

Life on the Farm

Faunus Herbs is a third generation family farm on a land filled with history. The farm as we know it today was established in the late 1800s, but the land itself was part of the ancient shores of Lake Simcoe. Our farm sits on the shoreline of the original Great Lake, where over ten thousand years ago First Nations Peoples settled and raised their families.

Today, the lake can be seen as a thin line on the horizon from our barn’s windows, but its history is something we care deeply about.

As stewards of the land, we will always do our best to give back to the land and nature that lives here today and respect the history and peoples of it’s past. Many acres of forests and fields remain undisturbed, encouraging native plants and animals to have a safe space to thrive, while old fence rows help the wildlife pass through our farm safely and as they please.

Our close relationship with nature is something that sets Faunus Herbs apart from many other manufacturing facilities.

Almost all of the photography on our website is taken by our daughter, who loves to try and capture the beauty of our surroundings with her camera.