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Immunity Plus Tonic

Pressures of modern living place great demands on the immune system. Nutritionally depleted inorganic foods, toxins in the environment, and day to day stress. all conspire to deplete this system. This tonic enervates the immune system and helps it to deal effectively with these challenges.

Made entirely from fresh plant juices!


These herbs perform a variety of functions related to the immune system. In addition to directly stimulating all aspects of the immune response, many of them have secondary (some primary) lymphatic properties that reduce congestion and promote good lymphatic drainage. Congested lymphatics is a major contributor to poor immune function. This formulation also has anti-inflammatory activity, tonifies the mucus membranes and to some degree discourages the formation and growth of tumors. Borage supports the function of the adrenal glands and helps to reduce the immune-suppressive effects of stress. In addition to enhancing the immune response to stress, Immunity Plus Tonic helps reduce the overall impact of stress on this system due to its direct anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. It can be used as a tonic for preventative purposes, as well as in the treatment of acute infections of all types. This formulation may also be used as an adjunct in the treatment of chronic and auto-immune conditions.


15-30 drops taken in 1-2 ounces of pure water, on an empty stomach. For preventative purposes and chronic conditions, take 2-4 times per day for 1-2 week periods followed by a break of at least one week. For acute infections, begin by taking 6-8 times per day and reduce the frequency of the dose as the symptoms improve.

Formula Properties

Echinacea Root (Echinacea angustifolia) Osha Root (Ligusticum porterii) Calendula Flowers (Calendula officinalis) Red Clover Flowers (Trifolium pratense) Cleavers Herb (Galium aparine) Borage Herb (Borago officinalis)


Many dietary factors have a negative impact on immune function. They include consumption of chemical preservatives, colouring, flavouring and sweetening agents; non-organic foods (pesticides, herbicides and fungicides); red meats and dairy products; sugar, sweets and alcohol; caffeine and other stimulants; exposure to toxic chemicals, pollution and radiation; mucus-forming foods such as dairy and dairy imitation products, animal proteins, over-processed foods and gluten (contained in grains and grain products). Foods that have immune-enhancing properties include whole, minimally processed, organically grown foods with emphasis on fresh fruits and vegetables, garlic, onions and leeks. Plenty of exercise to the point of sweating is important, as it is necessary for good lymphatic drainage, circulation and respiratory function. It also helps reduce stress. Stress is usually a major contributing factor and some method of stress management such as relaxation exercises, yoga, meditation, tai chi or chi gong is highly recommended. The Nerve Tonic may be a helpful supportive formulation. Supplementation of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients can help reduce stress and promote immune function. They include the B complex, vitamin A and carotenes, vitamin C, bioflavinoids including quercetin, rutin, hesperidin and anthocyanidin, vitamin E, selenium, zinc, chromium, manganese and co-enzyme Q10. A probiotic bacterial supplement containing L. acidophilus and L. bifidus can be helpful to prevent infection, especially if antibiotics have been used within the last few months. For best results it should be used in powder form.

© 1995 - 2002 Faunus Herbs Inc.

All rights re

© 1995 - 2002 Faunus Herbs Inc

Certified Organic Living ingredients

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Immunity Plus Tonic