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Nerve Tonic

Of all body systems, the nervous system responds the best to nutritional care. Combining traditional sedative herbs, as well as nutritives, this formula will help to build a strong, stable and relaxed persona.


This formulation is a relaxing nerve tonic. It strengthens the entire nervous system. The calming effects of these herbs have pronounced restorative properties that are very helpful to compensate for the effects of stress on the sympathetic nervous and circulatory systems. In addition, several of them have secondary liver and digestive stimulating properties. The resulting improvement in assimilation combined with nervine properties makes this an excellent restorative formulation. It can be particularly useful as a tonic during convalescence. This formulation can be helpful for the treatment of conditions such as general stress, nervousness, anxiety, mild depression, insomnia, high blood pressure and stress-related digestive disturbances. The overall effect is both relaxing and uplifting. This formulation can be used throughout the day as it will not cause drowsiness.


15-30 drops taken in 1-2 ounces of pure water, taken on an empty stomach 15-30 minutes before meals and before bed. It can be taken more frequently in cases of acute stress or anxiety.

Formula properties


For all conditions of the nervous system the most important lifestyle factors that must be addressed concern an individual’s overall level of stress. There are many factors that can help reduce the negative effects of stress. They include getting sufficient rest and relaxation, reducing consumption of sugar and stimulants, such as caffeine, and getting more exercise. Some method of stress management such as relaxation exercises, yoga, meditation, tai chi or chi gong is highly recommended to help reduce the impact of stressful situations. In addition, a natural diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains and low in chemical additives will provide the greatest support for the entire body. There are also a number of nutritional supplements that support the health of the nervous system and adrenals. Of greatest importance are the B-complex vitamins, choline, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and zinc. With water soluble vitamins such as vitamin B and C it is better to take lower doses 2 or 3 times per day than to take a large dose, even if it is time-released.

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Nerve Tonic